Personal laundry service

We're pleased to announce our new personal laundry service, which we're now offering as an additional service for our guests.

You can now arrange for your personal laundry to be laundered, dried and folded while you're at work - leaving your free time for you to relax and enjoy.

The cost of our laundry service is $15.00 per bag (consisting of up to 12 pieces of personal washing).

How to use the personal laundry service

1. Complete the booking form and credit card payment on the right

2. Obtain a laundry bag from the Rivergums Reception Office

3. Pack laundry in your bag and leave your washing bag outside your room

4. That's it!  Your laundry will be collected, washed, dried and folded, and returned to your room

For same-day laundry service, the booking form and payment must be completed and laundry left at the Office by 7:00 am